Adriaen Brouwer


Attending a briefing for an activation campaign, with a glass of Adriaen Brouwer in hand. We’re not sorry we didn’t turn down such a great offer. Still, we didn’t quite stick to the briefing. That’s how stubborn we are at Trouble. We thought we should challenge the client with our presentation. Because this beer needed a face. So an awareness campaign was necessary first. 


“Merkactivatie zonder merkidentiteit? Dat is zoals willen vliegen zonder vleugels. Om écht impact te hebben, moet je eerst weten wie je bent, hoe je eruit ziet en hoe je praat. Pas dan kun je een hoogvlieger worden.”

Vicky Janssen, senior creative at Trouble


A double challenge for an award-winning Tripel

Put Adriaen Brouwer in the speciality beers market. To do this, we needed to generate brand awareness and, of course, encourage people to taste the beer through activation & tasting.



Adriaen Brouwer gets a face and a voice

The name of this beer was not chosen by chance. And the owner of the name was a godsend for a communication bureau to work with. Adriaen Brouwer was just too interesting a figure to ignore. His character was perfect for building a campaign. A contrarian artist who stubbornly went his own way and cared little for what the Zeitgeist prescribed. Colourful, idiosyncratic, always wearing his heart on his sleeve, and no mincing of words. After allowing a few ideas to ferment – okay, that’s the last one – we offered a baseline that our customer liked:

Adriaen Brouwer. Honest. Quirky. Real.


A baseline like this is easily thought up, of course. But we always like to try it out in practice. Especially considering the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or better yet, the proof of the beer is the tasting…). So we decided to bring the man to life. With his own voice and (Facebook) channel to address the target group. Unfortunately, corona caused a serious delay to the campaign. Fortunately, we recently started working on it again. Initially with sponsored commercials. Which will no doubt be continued. Cheers!

Besides, there’s always a crate of this cold beer in the office. So come along and taste this exceptional Tripel for yourself.


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