After a few separate collaborations, Bellewaerde enlisted Invisible Puppy as its permanent digital partner for digital performance marketing in 2019. This partnership was also extended into 2020.

Bellewaerde needed, “A digital marketing campaign with a focus on customer centricity for the entire year, while maintaining the connection with the offline campaigns. This is to be developed based on a clear digital strategy.” The overall objective of performance marketing is clear: higher ticket sales in West Flanders and more brand awareness in East Flanders and northern France.


Invisible Puppy chose to work out a strategy in spring 2019 that was fully in line with the offline campaign. Bellewaerde developed several specific buyer personas based on intensive market research. The personas are formatted by region: West Flanders, East Flanders, and northern France. This exercise shows that each buyer persona has different expectations and a different mindset when visiting an amusement park.

We can make use of the many targeting possibilities in the digital communication because you can send a very specific message to a target group via digital advertisements. So we made a communication plan per buyer persona, spread across several digital channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, YouTube, and SEA.

For example, West Flanders communication: grandparents, nearby, quiet attractions, animals, and shows in the picture. This targeted approach results in ads that perform better and attract more visitors to the website. The click-through rate (CTR) increased from 0.55% for a general ad to 1.77% for the personalised ads per buyer persona. This successful campaign demonstrates that a customer-centric message can increase the relevance of your campaign and maximise your results.

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