Better Future Strategy

The world as we know it, is resetting its fundamentals. People are re-evaluating how they work, live, consume, interact, deal with values, identity, wellbeing. The different world events in 2020 have accelerated behavioral shifts to a new level.

Right now, a purpose driven transformation era is afoot - one that is pushing companies to reset their fundamentals in creating better futures. Not only a better future for their business, but also for the planet, people and society.


Resetting your fundamentals to reignite growth for the better

The new way of integrated business thinking is fully based on trust and must respond to customers new, often unmet and frequently changed needs and enable them to achieve their desired outcomes. The Customer Experience (CX) philosophy has shifted to a new level of Life Experience (LX). Where we strive for a better life for all of us.

LX is very much a new category of business and leadership that savvy CEOs and their leadership teams will embrace as we move deeper into the coming decade.

We need to move the sometimes existing brand purpose on a more holistic level, to create a business purpose that ties back to not only marketing (and the CMO level), but every aspect of a company’s operations (boardroom).

The shift from customer experience to life experience is an urgent business imperative because of the new and pressing customer demands a the rising expectations towards brands and businesses to make a difference much accelerated by the pandemic.

Resetting your fundamentals to reignite growth for the better?
Resetting your fundamentals to reignite growth for the better?

A big bold business reset for a better future

Becoming a LX leader starts with becoming life obsessed.
This is not only the task of a CMO. Beyond the CEO, every C-level executive and leader inside both front- and back-office functions needs to invest in shifting their thinking about experience.

CX thinking

LX thinking

Ways LX comes to life


Maximize profitability

Profit from purpose + experience.

Prioritizing purpose, innovation and delivering better future experiences to drive business success

Marketing and Brand

Making people want things.

Making things people want.

Creating a 360 brand purpose experience offering genuineness and trust people are looking for.


Focus on the product/service the company wants to sell.

Focus on the outcome the customer wants.

Ensure the experience is available at defining moments that matter in a consumer’s life – and to society.

Product Development

Making products easy to use.

Personalizing products that continually adapt to how customers use them.

Investment in insight/design research combined with big data to spot user-driven opportunities.


Using traditional metrics based on employee performance within a function (onboarding, annual reviews, etc.)

Inspiring and incentivizing behaviours that drive better outcomes for the entire organization and society at large.

Empowering employees to feel accountable for customer  and purpose outcomes.

Tech and Data

Enabling business processes at greater scale.

Enabling customer and life-centricity at greater scale.

Unlocking efficiencies that can be reinvested to drive continuous performance and betterment innovation.


Providing efficiency for the company that often limits growth.

Providing efficiency for the customer and the experience that enables them to drive personal and societal growth.

Measuring customer operational efficiency, engaging operations in innovation for the better.

Supply Chain

Moving products and goods to consumers.

Making it easy for consumers to get products and services when and where they want creating business and social value.

Providing customers with visibility into sourcing and progress of their orders and innovating last-mile experience to exceed expectations within the bigger shared value view.


4 ways to build your better future strategy

Life obsession

Obsess about customer needs (individually and holistically)- and use that as your compass. At & Koo we can give a unique view of your customer and his/her life goals through a combination of creatively using sales data, behavioural data, unconscious data, and future trends.

Innovation culture and everyday habit

Experience innovation is not a tactic that shows up at a specific moment. And it’s not achieved by optimizing CX touch points. Experience innovation is about solving problems in fundamentally new ways. And installing a mindset of innovation throughout the whole organization.

Shared experience responsibility

LX is ultimately about fusing your front office, sales marketing, service, product functions and connecting it to the back office (eg HR, supply chain, …) etc with one brand purpose as the north star.

Sync the tech, data and human agendas

Becoming a business of life experience is not about investing more, it’s about investing differently. All necessary efficiency measures can be reinvested in new opportunities for performance and growth.