How do we build a better future?

Be Both.

What we believe

We have an unwavering commitment to building a more inclusive, open, transparent, good for the planet, and good for our wellbeing society. As a business imperative, every person at &Koo has the responsibility to create and sustain a better future environment.

We are looking for inclusive or sustainability assignments!

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Our community impact

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Modern Corporate citizenship

Our focus is to help build a future of shared succes

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Our innovation focus on the environment

Every new strategy, product or service we help design and create needs to benefit the planet.

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Enabling entrepreneurship

We’re helping entrepreneurial talent gain the skills to build a successful business

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Embracing inclusivity in all its forms

We’re convinced that our rich diversity makes us more innovative and more creative,

circular design

Taking our sustainability responsibility serious.

Working with our ecosystem partners, we help our clients reach their sustainability and or circularity goals through business, marketing and technology transformation.

As consumers increasingly expect brands to take action and investors demand more environmental, social and governance efforts,  organizations must now more than ever demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in everything they do.

Doing good is no longer just a corporate social responsibility activity, but has moved to the heart of the brand and the way of doing business. We bring deep experience integrating sustainability into strategy, operating models, processes and technologies to deliver sustainable growth.

Now is the time for businesses, brands and industries to reimagine, rebuild and transform our local and global economy into one that benefits all of us.

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Do you want to explore together how inclusive marketing can help you build a better business?

It’s a bumpy road. Being truly inclusive. We realize it’s challenging but o so rewarding. Inclusivity is not a strategy,  client centricity is. How can we open up new ways of doing business and communications to embrace all people in our society.

We’ve developed new workshops and tools to take a deep dive in every consumer of today. Do you have a specific project you’d like to pitch to help you out for free? Or do you want to do marketing in a more inclusive way? Contact us

&KOO Marketing & Technology

Let’s build a better future together.