We are strategy consultants & content creators.

We help companies take the next step in content marketing. Based on deep consumer insights, we help you to interact better with your audience through engaging content that performs.

Every successful marketing activity is based on a clever strategy. Through our proven content matrix methodology, we’ll work on a clear definition of your audience and their needs, KPI’s, content pillars, formats and content calendar. Afterwards we’ll perform a series of content growth sprints that will allow you to quickly optimize your content as you go along.

Content creation

At the core, we are small, but in reality, we are huge. We established the Boson Content Creator Collective, allowing you to access true specialist knowledge and skills. A specialist in organic food or tech? No issue! A specialist in video motion graphics or social media copy? Check! A specialist in YouTube video or TikTok? At your service!


Looking for a (ghost) writer for your blogposts or whitepapers? Looking for a foodie, tech, lifestyle… writer? Looking for SEO-optimized copy for your website? Or rather razor-sharp short copy for your social media channels? We’ve got your back. And yes, we write in Dutch, French and English.

Video & visual content production

Great and smart visual content is what will make you stand out and win the battle for attention. Whether you want to create an intro or explainer video for your website, great social media visuals or finger-licking good illustrations, we’ve got what it takes to take your content to the next level. And yes, we can do this at light speed.


There is no content format so intimate as the podcast format. If you want to reach even the most inaccessible consumers, podcasts might just be the way forward. Podcast users are loyal and attentive listeners who experience sponsored messages in their favourite podcasts as reliable. Want us to convince you of this or come up with a format? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

Core expertise

Content Strategy / Content Production / Copywriting / SEO / Animations & Illustrations / Explainer Video’s / Photography / Social Media Strategy / Community Management / Podcasts

Agency values

No-nonsense / Creatively-driven / Performance-focused / Can do



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