Brand Purpose Strategy

Brand Purpose, the Big Ideal, Meaningful Marketing… as marketeers today we know the value of a purposeful brand but too often it’s still used as a mere communications campaign strategy.

People are in desperate need of trusted brands, brands who act upon what they say: honestly, admitting mistakes or the path to change. It’s not only about what you say but mostly what you do.

Creating a strong brand purpose starts from a strong view of what’s happening in people’s live today and tomorrow where you as a brand can play a relevant role. True to your DNA or brand values.


How we create a strong brand purpose building a better future for all.

People rely more on brands and businesses to solve world problems (and local ones) than governments and institutions. Trust is one of the leading characteristics people want in a brand: the trust to do they right thing – with their data, their wants and needs, their communities and the planet.

We can help you define a powerful and positive brand purpose with our unique view on existing data, behavioural data and a future view on what people will value the next coming years. Our brand purpose workshops are inspiring and empowering, using ideation techniques on empathy, inclusivity, prosperity and sustainability. We combine this with the knowledge and passion of your business and leaders to make a positive change happen.


Strategy solutions for your future brand and business challenges

Better Future Purpose Model

Environmental needs

Every choice has its consequences. Purpose-driven brands need to address a full cycle of  added value so we explore not only societal needs but environmental needs as well.

Cultural & customer Insights

There’s no such thing as one perfect insight. People are versatile and demographic biases are dead. With our methodology we look at customers today, tomorrow and beyond. We work together with local and international insight and foresight partners to explore what drives people fundamentally.

Societal and market foresights

How will people live, eat, travel, consume in years to come. What’s their view on values, identity, equality, wellbeing, ecology etc. Which market shifts will define the consumption landscape?  A strong brand purpose is a combination of a needed inside and outside view.

Disruptive models

New challengers on the market often start from a bigger need or problem and have the agility and the ability to be more relevant than ‘older’ or ‘bigger’ brands. We explore what we can learn from these challengers and what possible new models could enter the market.

Better Future Impact

To create a strong brand purpose we need to plot the brand in a more holistic model addressing the different elements of a better future from a brand and business perspective. The impact is far bigger than just a marketing impact.

Business Value

A strong brand purpose is a katalysator for building business impact for all stakeholders and business departments. Defining the business value of your brand purpose enables a shared value approach on all levels.

What are your key drivers to create a strong better future brand purpose?