LifeTime is a start-up at the Colruyt Group.

In short, Lifetime is an app that allows you to store audiovisual memories and that will enrich your memories with educational and entertaining content. The great people at Lifetime had an idea for an app and asked us to help them in finetuning the first idea and to help them in launching the app.

Lean mean strategy machine…

  • We organized 3 content strategic workshops together with the Lifetime team.
  • We drew up the MVP communication plan.
  • We helped the Lifetime team to find new brands that want to invest and try-out the app.

Content creation at light-speed

Our challenges consist of improving and stuffing the LifeTime app with content. Currently, we are producing all the content for the app’s béta testers and are working on a plan to launch the app.


The first bèta test was rolled out in July and its content was a success! Currently, we are producing the content for the launch phase. The Lifetime team indicated they are “very excited with the fruitful and lean collaboration!”

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Lead agency: BOSON

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