Content Marketing

With more people stuck at home and forced to use technology to stay connected to the world, it is obvious that digital content is becoming a more important part of the buyers’ journeys. Today’s (and next year’s) consumers are more web-savvy and use technology more often, regardless of age. And they expect quick answers, inspiration and information. With more business investing more in online marketing, the competition is fiercely growing. We believe that the time is there for a new fresh look at content marketing.


Content marketing continues to evolve. It needs to be more human, more versatile and more personalised.

Nobody knows your business, ins and out better than you. The love for the products or services, the passion for the employees, the knowledge behind every business decision. Therefore we’re convinced that the best content agency is …you. We help our clients to become better at every level.

Why? We think content marketing will become even more important due to these unprecedented times. Content creation and distribution will change radically. There’s a reason Seth Godin calls content marketing “the only marketing left” – it’s authentic, useful, and perfectly suited for the internet generation.

But while few can doubt the effectiveness of content marketing, the channels, tactics and tools marketers use to create and distribute content will continue evolving in 2021 and beyond.

We see a lot of shifts in content marketing: from video and live-stream taking center stage, to the rise of podcasts and conversational marketing, to a genuine approach in personalized content, the use of search intent as a driver for content creation, a rush to more result-focused content or a move to more data driven content creation. These trends are accelerated by what happened in the world but are here to stay.

Our content experts are on top of the customer’s needs and wants. They can identify what’s needed, when it’s needed and in which form it’s needed. But there’s more: they love to share their knowledge and train people in the organizations to master the art of content.

The year of COVID-19 driven lockdowns has shown just about any business one simple truth: if you are not online, you do not exist.

Content creation and distribution is changing radically. We keep up with the latest trends and insights.

Content Strategy

Smart content marketing outpaces traditional marketing. Smart marketing can be found in your product and service and needs to rise up to the challenge to improve your relationship with clients and ultimately convert into leads.

Video Marketing

Aside from blog posts, video content has been the go-to content for brands these last years and even more in the next years to come. Video keeps audiences engaged longer than any type of content. We can create any type of content to optimize your needs.

Content Talent Network

A solid content strategy can only be successful as the people that create it. If you’re looking for thinkers, managers, do-ers with the right expertise we can help you define and find them, or even give them the right training to perform as you want.

School of Content

Behavioural targeting, hero-hub-hygiene content, Serp’s, … content is all around us and it evolves as quickly as customers needs. We can offer in house learning for starters or advanced employees.

Content Converter Index

Our proprietary Content Converter Index TM   delivers a unique view of which content actually converts. Insightful and without any restraints.

In need of a solid up-to-date content training for your marketeers, sales people or customer department?

We offer different content marketing trainings. Interested?