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The fact that branding is simply more than a logo and some nice colours has been proven by the tasty 10-year story of Dagelijkse kost. When the Leuven top chef Jeroen Meus asked us for a new logo, we went the extra mile. After all, we know a memorable logo is just the starting point for strong branding. And for us, it is the starting point for a platform for recording the strategy and individuality of the brand. In the case of Jeroen Meus, this individuality can best be described as straightforward and a bit stubborn. You could already taste it, all the ingredients for a new branded platform were already in place. All that was missing was the glue to hold it all together, provided by Trouble, et voilà: Dagelijkse kost 2.0. was ready to be served. 

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Flanders and Jeroen Meus: they are two peas in the same pod. The headstrong TV chef has been serving up the tastiest dishes for television-watching Flanders for more than 10 years with his culinary TV show: Dagelijkse kost. But one thing led to another, and now cookbooks, cookware, meal boxes, etc. are available via the online platform Foodmaker, and so on. Dagelijkse kost is a brand that works with various partners. And this cries out for a recognisable visual identity. For branding. Is it possible? Yep. Of course. What’s more, it has to be if you want to be successful.


Dagelijkse kost is doorheen de afgelopen 10 jaar geëvolueerd van vaste waarde op tv naar een digitaal kook-platform. Van recepturen, producten en merchandising tot gerechten aan huis: de branding moet heel dat spectrum kunnen overkoepelen.

Seb De Roover


A while ago, Dagelijkse kost was simply a TV show. Today, it is a successful brand carried over different formats and channels. How do you create a new visual identity that is and remains recognisable at all times through the most diverse media? From here to Timbuktu, and for the next 100 years?

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case



A smart design to hold everything together for a strong brand

Dagelijkse kost can be seen everywhere: on TV, in stores, in cookbooks, on the worldwide web, even on the bottom of your frying pan. This calls for a smart design that radiates the same values, message and feeling wherever it is found. In other words, we need to find the glue to hold it all together. Something that sits in the DNA of the brand. Therefore, for our rebranding exercise, we returned to the essence of Dagelijkse kost – past and present. Then we made a few ‘light adjustments’ to prepare the brand for the next 100 years. 

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case


Combing three basic ingredients logo, font and colours provides a powerful whole, the right appearance that can act as the basis for the new visual identity of Dagelijkse kost. If they work well together, there is a whole world of possibilities: from packaging and UX, to merchandising and web design, to the generic nature of a programme: everything tastes like Dagelijkse kost. 

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case

A logo with an edge

For the logo, we were inspired by the face behind the brand: Jeroen Meus, the ever-charming and headstrong cook who does not allow himself to be pigeonholed. And that wilful and open-minded trait is reflected in the edgy K in the new logo: the top half of the stem is missing.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case

The well-known blue diamond remained untouched. The 2.0. version simply retains the smooth lines and a chequered design. This smart, handy design is easy to translate into all kinds of communication carriers and channels. 


Typography with a high in-your-face content

The graphic elements and typography are a nice combination of old school and sleek graphic representation. Despite the friendly and soft character of the modern sans serif font Gilroy, it has a high ‘in-your-face’ content. This is due to the pronounced round geometric shapes. The whole looks simple, recognisable and clear.



Instinctive. When you say corporate identity, you automatically think of logo, typography and colour. But we chose the logo and typography to ensure the colour would remain subordinate to everything else. As such, any partner can get started with Dagelijkse kost, depending on the desired product.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case    


The rebranding of Dagelijkse kost shows that you don’t necessarily have to change everything to achieve a successful result. As the brand keeper of Dagelijkse kost, Trouble defined a uniform branded platform with a number of thoughtful visual elements. This is what holds it all together for the brand, and is something all partners can now use (Foodmakers, television, merchandising, etc.). Without sacrificing brand identity. 

Branding is therefore more than a logo and nice colours. It’s about you and your customers. It’s how you distinguish yourself from the rest. Bon Apetit.

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