builds brands and puts you firmly in pole position

We think strategically with you and come up with a plan based on your raison d’être and designed to keep your brand in pole position at all times. A plan that makes your brand sharp and keeps it that way, as well as a plan that makes your story relevant and ensures your team is properly prepared. So much more than just a few nice ideas.

Purpose Marketing

We help good brands become better brands. By looking for the bigger story behind the brand and by articulating the ‘why’, we carve out a place for companies in society. A place where respect, solidarity and accountability set the tone. We then look beyond the numbers to keep brands relevant and ask out loud how they can mean something – both for existing customers and for customers yet to


We give your brand teeth, so that it really bites into its target audience. Clear branding comes before ‘analogue versus digital’, or whether to choose purple or orange. Clear branding creates a framework for every strategic decision to build on, a touchstone that defines how we create content for your brand and send it out into the world via the appropriate media channels, both online and offline. Gunpowder, primer, fuse, BOOM

Content & Campaigns

Focus Advertising creates content and campaigns – along with peace of mind. As an agency, we’re right here where your customers, your branding and your (online) strategy intersect: where the right message hits home hard at the right time. And market research means that we know your customers better than they know themselves. As a result, we’re able to gear our creative impulses perfectly to their needs.

Media & Touchpoints

We know the ins and outs of every medium. We think strategically and translate our plan into concepts, stories and pictures that really do something for you. No standard formulas, but genuine customisation based on dynamic persona along their specific customer journey. We then pass this critical input on to your teams that create the campaigns and then roll them out. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. It’s the only way your stories can make the transition from paper to the screen and back again.

We are big enough to deliver, small enough to care

Our partners

We are a member of Confrad, an international network of independent advertising agencies. Hungry Minds is our soul-mate in Wallonia and we have been working with them for over 15 years already. Since 2020 proudly part of the &KOO network.

Core expertise

Content & Campaigns, Branding, Purpose Marketing, Media buying

Agency values

We are big enough to deliver, small enough to care.



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