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Following a year of dramatic changes and unprecedented uncertainty, predicting trends has become more complicated than ever before. To be competitive in this challenging environment, business leaders must be adaptive to what the future holds. In the light of these transformations, &KOO’s Future Fridays webinar aims to platform our marketing experts in various fields to discuss their top trends for 2021 and demonstrate how you, as a professional, can benefit from this knowledge.

Interested in staying up to date with the biggest digital marketing trends for 2021? Perhaps you wonder about the role of voice marketing in the future? Will social media stay relevant? What forms of content marketing are upcoming? And what will we do with data in a cookieless world? Register for our weekly webinars, starting on Friday the 23rd of April and have all above questions and more answered.

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What you'll learn

  • How to increase your marketing performance during unprecedented changes
  • What changes to expect during an age of constant development
  • The upcoming technologies and how to apply them to your business
  • The impact and consequences of Covid-19 and the opportunities that arise

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Save the date! Future Fridays will launch on the 23rd of April. Hosted by Kristel Vanderlinden, Head of Innovation & Intelligence at &KOO. Every Future Friday will platform 2 experts discussing the upcoming trends and changes within their field. The 20 minute presentation is then followed by a 10-minute Q&A. So doing the math, every webinar will take about 1 hour of your time. Peanuts for the knowledge you are bound to acquire! In short, Future Fridays offers incredible insights and opportunities to marketers and business owners who want to successfully prepare for 2021, so don’t miss it!

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The Future of Performance through Content

By Ruben Ceuppens

Ruben is Head of Digital Strategy at Dallas and has over a decade of experience in digital media strategy & performance marketing. He supports the Dallas principle of “Imagine. Impact.”, a strategic vision of creative and compelling content, translated with the right objectives across channels to drive real results from engagement to customer loyalty and sales. With ‘The Future of Performance through Content’ he wants to demonstrate that content in all its aspects is becoming more important for performance marketing every year.


The Future of Social Media Advertising

By Eva Ketels & Bert Gybels

As the founder of WE LIKE YOU, Eva is translating social media language to the agency’s clients’ needs on a daily basis. Surrounded by the smartest (and digital native) team you can find, Eva is proud to provide companies with conversion-driven social media activities. Strategy, content creation, communities, advertising, influencers, …

Psychologist at heart and driven by strategy, Bert  tries to combine thorough insights with authentic storytelling. After all, what’s technology without emotion? He speaks out about the importance of cross-social storytelling and its positive effects on social media advertising, which is unmissable for every company keen on growing. Do you feel the FOMO yet?

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The Future of Ideas

by Seb De Roover

According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the third most important skill for employees. It will become essential to drive business forward. Research by LinkedIn found that the top skill companies need is… right, creativity. ‘25 Ways to be more creative’ is only a Google search away. But since we are all creatives… what kind of ideas should we have in order to make our future brighter? To be honest, most of us have no idea.


The Future of Purpose Driven Marketing

By Kristel Vanderlinden

Mainstream brands still buy into notions of purpose and sustainability and proactive mission statements, but the brands that will thrive in this decade will take a more realistic, honest and iterative approach to development. Pushing back against purpose-washing and jumping on the bandwagon, brands will embrace imperfection and focus on betterment. With more focus on empathy and  futurekind product and services to make a difference.


The Future of Search Advertising

By Arend Verschueren

Arend the Co-Founder of SPARK. Their goal is to help organizations improve digital marketing performance and maturity. They tackle this by identifying clear marketing objectives, points of data to measure KPIs, and providing transparency on the impact of the digital marketing campaigns they create and manage.


The Future of Cookies in a Cookieless World

By Jonas Verhaeghe

Jonas is managing partner at Invisible Puppy, the digital strategy agency from Ghent. Jonas has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing environments and marketing technology, and gained experience in concrete projects at Engie Electrabel, TVH, VUB, Toyota, Bpost bank and more.


The future of brands is direct-to-consumer

By Francsesco Cilurzo

As retail strategy consultant Francesco helps companies to listen to “the voice of the customer” again. True North develops future-proof strategies based on customer insights. His greatest expertise lies with business development through partnerships with start-ups and corporate venturing. In his webinar answers the big question: “How can a brand go direct-to consumer?” D2C seems like a logical strategic move, but different brands need various approaches.


The Future of Voice in a Post-Covid Era

By Jenthe Blockx

We have arrived in a touchless economy, without even noticing it. The coronavirus reduced the amount of times we use our hands a day… unless to disinfect them. It’s time to go to the simplest form of marketing there is: voice marketing. How do you prepare your brand for the touchless economy thanks to voice marketing? The experts of Mark II explain it.


The Future of Digital Transformation

By Simon Meers

We all live in the digital age, so no matter the size, industry, or age of your organization, you need to adopt the right mindset, processes, and tools to maximize operational excellence, impact and growth in our highly-competitive, always-changing world. In this webinar, we’re going to look at how to future-proof your business through digital transformation. We’ll take a look at what digital transformation is (and isn’t), why it matters, and how you can implement it.


The Future of Creative Advertising

By Veerle Vandenbroucke

Veerle wants to talk about the importance of stopping power, the necessity for creativity and about the animal instinct not to stand out too much (which increases your chances of survival). But also about why this is very dangerous for brands and their communication. Veerle will bring this story with a number of inspiring examples.


The Future of Brands as a Service

By Glenn Fellows

Glenn is managing partner at Lunar, a digital product studio with a focus on innovative SaaS projects and web production. He will discuss the future of brands as a service. Discover how useful brands are winning more than just customers and how you can apply this knowledge to your business.


The Future of Marketing … is less about tech

By Geerlinde Pevenage

Geerlinde, founder of Boson, will present her ideas about the future of marketing… and how it is actually less about technology than you might think. A must for every marketer!

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&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation
&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation
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