Future Insights

Our goal is to bring trends alive through the lens of your own business. Smart data engineering is not only looking at your current customers and their behaviors but also at your future customer: how will the live, eat, consume, deal with values, identity and equality.

We provide brands and businesses with a futures point of view on the impact of the evolving consumer landscape alongside trends on relevant industries, sectors and topics. This enables brands to position themselves uniquely against their competition, while generating interest and demand for their products and services.


We don’t predict the future. We deliver insights and foresights for your future betterment destination.

Our strategic decision-making methodology and trend studies have been developed to help create a future-proof brand and business purpose with added value for your business, society and the planet. And align your current business objectives with the future market shifts and scenarios you need to remain agile, relevant and pro-active in a disruptive landscape

Used individually, our tools and services contextualise and explain tomorrow’s landscape. Combined, they become a powerful and unique engine that helps you to build a better future strategy and define new value possibilities for growth.

We identify the macrotrends and microtrends and associated consumers behaviours that will redefine and reframe tomorrow’s new markets for the better.

We provide you with a hierarchy of trends, signals and strategic implications specific to your brand, allowing you to build a solid foundation to shape foresight literacy across your business and to align your internal focus.

We co-create a Better Future Strategy approach for all your marketing and product development departments, with onboarding sessions to create a culture of foresight strategy.

Strategy solutions for your future brand and business challenges

Identify and learn about your knowledge gaps to create stronger future value and growth.

Better Future Foresight Strategy

Through discovery and strategy workshops we define the better future business destination and future growth path with new models, products and services

Bespoke trend Workshops

Our workshops are designed to offer thought-leadership an disruptive thinking that builds reputation and awareness.

Experimental Labs

We can create bespoke labs to analyse future behavior and to explore on co-creation new upcoming business models, products and services.

Futures presentations

Our forward looking foresight presentations offer your teams insights to fuel strategic thinking to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow.

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