Running out of gas? Not a chance!

Natural gas has an excellent reputation on the market for household use. It has clear advantages over fuel oil: it is cheap, economical, has a pure combustion – and is therefore more low-maintenance – and, not unimportantly, gas is always available. This means you are not dependent on suppliers.

Shift to positive energy.

We poured all these advantages into an umbrella concept: Positive energy. After all, gas is literally a source of ‘positive energy’. But we wanted to take it one step further. So we added an extra layer. We would become the bearers of positive energy in everything we do and communicate: our online and offline campaigns, calls-to-action, tone of voice, visual style and so on.

The power of a well-thought-out umbrella concept is that you can easily use it for any campaign.

Seb De Roover, Creative Partner @ Trouble

Several campaigns under one and the same umbrella concept.

An umbrella concept is useful if your brand needs to reach different target groups, and if you have to launch several campaigns under one and the same concept. Each campaign can then have its own creative angle but still remain based on the overarching main concept.

For this was a must as campaigns needed to be launched with various messages: from promoting fuel-efficient heating appliances, to announcing premiums for refurbishments and boosting the sales of CNG cars during the motor show.

In each of these campaigns, regardless of how different the messages were, we remained faithful

to the same concept that we had defined together with the client and we used …

  1. a consistent visual style that was fresh, positive, distinctive and eye-catching, and that could be easily be transposed to social media.
  2. a consistent language usage or tone of voice that perfectly matched the visual style.

Which campaigns have we developed so far?

1.Replacement premium:

Message: to encourage people who have a communal chimney to apply for the replacement premium. And communicate the 4 advantages.

Magazine ad. FR
Magazine ad NL

2.Promoting CNG vehicles during the motor show

The positive connotation that gas has for household use is less evident when it comes to cars. The general public seems less drawn to vehicles powered by natural gas. However, the advantages are virtually identical. What’s more, the government stimulates their use (at least until the end of 2020) through a number of significant (tax) incentives.

The question is how to transfer the excellent reputation that gas has for household heating to CNG cars too. Through an awareness-raising campaign inextricably linking all the benefits.

The idea:

We used the three letters of CNG as an acronym to explain the benefits of gas.

This showed, in a light-hearted and of course positive way, that choosing gas offers plenty of benefits.

3.Trouble also created several exhibition stands for to encourage anyone building or renovating to opt for gas.

To be continued…

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