Break the silos between the CIO and the CMO.

October 5th in Bluepoint, Antwerp

Google focused event hosted by DataSight and &KOO

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Discover how to implement a real Single Version Of The Truth thanks to a seamless collaboration between the business and IT

The digital explosion has forced CIO and CMO to work more closely together. A new and improved way of collaborating is required and the increasing demand for speed and agility are causing frictions. Where the marketers need fast-adapting technologies, for IT this might mean a massive change in their current technology landscape.

During our sessions we will share our experiences, pitfalls and insights on how to make sure that business outcomes and IT expectations are well aligned in order to make sure the company reaches its goals and objectives in this fast changing world.

Do you want to unlock the potential of your data?
Register now and find out.

Real client use cases

Plenty of networking possibilities

Free coffee and lunch to keep you focused

Discuss your challenges with our data experts

Fun activity to keep you relaxed


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&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation

At &KOO we’ve taken it upon us to help our clients business thrive. The time is more than ever to reset the fundamentals of how we live, experience, consume and produce. Together we have the opportunity to (re)design the world we want to live in – one that propels us forward, that respects our values and creates new ones fitting the zeitgeist today and tomorrow, that creates a better future for businesses and our society.

We are passionate about the possible positive outcomes of our future. There’s always a better way, and we make it our business to look for it and to make it happen for and with our clients. We create technology, innovation, insights and communications that ignite business growth for the better. Our Better Future Value Model balances the 4 drivers of future growth in marketing: your value proposition, your intelligence capital, your marketing technology and your marketing communications.