Growth Marketing

Craving for fast and sustainable growth for your company? &KOO is the next-generation digital business accelerator you need!


Are you ready to conquer the status-quo? Then you have to get rid of slow, ineffective and traditional marketing methods. We help you to grow your business by implementing solid digital, e-commerce and growth marketing strategies and processes.

Growth marketing turns marketing into a measurable business tool. We strive for accelerated growth: reach, traffic, users, customers, recurring turnover and ambassadors. Based on our own funnel, we focus on the most important KPIs on your growth journey.

Discover the most effective methods for your digital transformation and customer performance strategy


We identify and conceive growth opportunities in order to rank them according to our model.


We are continuously running short sprints and carrying out growth experiments.


We use data to identify opportunities and modify our growth methodologies


Successful tests with growth metrics measured by profit and turnover? We use those to scale up your growth.

We crack your entire growth funnel using both proven and innovative techniques

We identify and develop the most effective and efficient ways to help your business grow. Through working in sprints, we can quickly experiment and scale up successes to achieve maximum impact.

The &KOO growth experts will convert your company vision and goals into quarterly goals, into sprint goals and into daily activities. This way, we can also focus on the things your company is focusing on today.


It is extremely important to have the marketing basics in orde, before we start working on your growth and make an impact for your business… using our data-driven approach.  In order to measure all our efforts, activities and experiments, we need to ensure that your infrastructure is rock solid.

Growth audit

During a growth audit, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your growth strategy and identify possible opportunities and threats. The relevant insights into the existing growth strategy ensure that we do not have to reinvent the wheel and can quickly achieve growth.

Growth marketing

Our growth marketing methodology is a perfect fit for B2B, B2C, webshops, apps, software companies and retailers. The experimental and effective sprint methodology is the common denominator and, with smart modifications, we ensure that our process fits seamlessly with your company, team and target audience.

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