Summer Challenges

It was set to be a summer full of sports. It turned into an unforgettable one, but for very different reasons…

Everyone was looking forward to the summer of 2020. The Red Devils would win the European Championships, there would be the Olympic Games in Japan, the Tour de France… Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. But at HLN, they didn’t let that discourage them. If we had to stay home, we would make the best of it. That is why HLN and Trouble challenged all readers to turn Belgium into the most beautiful holiday destination in the world. And they did an amazing job!

Trouble presents: the HLN Summer Challenges

A staycation campaign, but smarter. As soon as we found out that we would be spending our summer in Belgium, we were bombarded with staycation campaigns. But we wanted to do things differently. Putting Belgium on the map as a holiday destination was one thing; ensuring our readers wouldn’t get bored was another.

We wanted to distinguish ourselves from other brands by creating a campaign that focused on so much more than a staycation. Trouble not only took care of the phased communication, they also guided us through the logistics of the reward system and the development of the dedicated platform.”

Annelies Degens – Brand Manager HLN

The idea

Prove that Belgium is the most beautiful holiday destination in the world.

Not just by informing our readers but by allowing them to truly experience it.

A well-planned holiday, step by step

1. Create a group feel

COVID-19 forced us all into a staycation. First we had to stay home, and later we could not even leave the country. We needed to make it interesting. We treated our readers to lots of fascinating reading material with a very attractive offer. The perfect way to keep busy in summer.

HLN Summer campaign
HLN Radiospot
HLN radiospot

2. An active experience.

We had no choice but to spend the holidays in Belgium, but that didn’t mean that it would be a boring break. Our readers already had plenty to read. So we went one step further: we organised the Summer Challenges for the positive thinkers. We treated the readers to different challenges, which were led by experts: wine tasting with Sepideh, thriller writing with Pieter Aspe, cycling the HLN Tour with Tom Boonen, you name it…

With these challenges, we took a simple staycation campaign to a higher level.

HLN badges
HLN cards
HLN Mobile

3. Our goal? To help all of our readers connect.

We set up a major kick-off event to officially mark the start of the Summer Challenges: ‘De Anderhalve Meter Borrel’ – drinks at a 1.5-m distance. It was a striking event that brought everyone closer together despite the physical distance between us. And it instantly spread the word about the Summer Challenges.


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In the first phase (the ‘Blijvers’ – or ‘Staycation’ campaign), we focused on print ads, radio ads and a TV commercial to market the ‘Staycation’ concept. The first aim was to generate sales through subscriptions – both paper and digital – with an attractive offer. In a second phase, we continued to build on this by launching the Summer Challenges. In this campaign, all communication – TV, radio and print – led to a centralised website where participants could register and share their challenges with their followers. It allowed visitors to discover the latest challenges and follow others’ challenges. And they could earn so-called ‘badges’.

Trouble took care of the communication for this integrated summer campaign from A to Z, including:

  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads
  • Banners
  • The design of all logos
  • The design and development of the website
  • The UX website

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