The story of the Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) app is far from finished. Think of it as one of the side effects of a strong concept. This summer, the largest news app in Flanders wants to focus on fun and entertainment. And it’s Troubling how we intend to do it: lean & mean. And with an adventurous summer campaign, even the biggest consumer of news will be forced to submit to a better experience in the HLN app. 3, 2, 1… HLN was ready for take-off. 



HLN readers consume the news differently during the summer. There is more time available, which makes them look for other things to spend their free time on, like quick games and hilarious videos, for example. This is why Trouble focused on a summer cocktail of news, fun and entertainment for the new campaign. Resulting in HLN readers wanting to access the app anytime, anywhere. And it turns out to be more often than you think. Even when it gets too hot.


Een merk als HLN heeft nood aan een herkenbaar en consistent format dat hen toelaat om met zoveel mogelijk content te teasen in alle lagen van hun communicatie.

Vicky Janssen


During the summer months, HLN readers use the app slightly less than the rest of the year. So it’s up to us to show them that the largest news app in Flanders can also offer fun and entertainment. And certainly enough to last a whole summer. 



With the HLN app, you get so much more 

We showed that the HLN app is also worth a look during the summer months. Wherever you are. On the go, on the edge of your seat, or stretched out on a beach towel. To create impact, we returned to the visual grid concept from the previous summer campaign. We just gave it a new spin. One that takes HLN and its readers a long way further.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case &KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case


For the new summer campaign, we built on the strong visual grid from last year (< link to other HLN case – Summer Challenges >). A fresh look at the grid is enough for a new creative concept. Our goal? Show everyone that you can never get bored with the HLN app. We needed this:

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case &KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case

The well-known boulevard of stories

You can’t go wrong with a great concept. You can even repeat it without necessarily repeating it. Not to mention you get unity and recognisability in your communication. This is why we returned to the earlier visual grid, our boulevard of stories. Only this time we translated the grid concept into recognisable holiday moments from point A to point B. 


Recognisable situations, close to our target group

From the hotel to the beach, by car to France, from the check-in desk to the plane: these are just a few recognisable parts of going on holiday. Three rounds of Tetrix in the sand, an evening walk with Mertens, waiting for an ice cream with Candy Bubble: this only produces lively campaign scenes, of course.

Time and featured app features

Every holiday moment is linked to an app world such as news, games or video. This gives the reader the feeling there is always something to do on the HLN app. All summer long, any time of the day. Even during the moments when you really need the app (how about: whining children in the back seat). By adding a ‘time’, it seems as if the reader was there in person that day.  


Het nieuwe template design voor het kubusconcept van de HLN-app laat toe om zowel online als via printadvertenties steeds op dezelfde (en daardoor herkenbare) manier nieuwe content in de kijker te zetten. Alle communicatie leidt naar de centrale website van HLN waarop geïnteresseerde lezers de HLN-app kunnen downloaden. En raad eens wie ze daar tegenkomen? Juist, de man met het draaiende kubushoofd. Zo is de cirkel rond. Amen.

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