We make better futures happen.

A world of entrepreneurial talents, one team

Although we’re a platform of marketing (technology) expert companies, we work as one team with a common goal – to create 360° shared value to create a better future for your business and society. We believe in the power of expert teams. At &KOO we create expert teams around the needs of each of our clients. We can deliver strategy, trends, traditional and emerging communication and technology experts within the personalised teams to create new approaches for the complex marketing challenges of today.


We deliver innovative technologies to identify new ways to reach consumers and build enterprise resilience. With smart engineering and technology-specialists in all existing and emerging technologies we can help build your business digital transformation on all levels.


We’ve entered a new marketing era with a new breed of customers expecting brands to deliver on quality, agility and empathy. This new marketing approach asks for many specialists which we can deliver with our ecosystem of communications partners offering expertise in building brands, campaining, social media, conversational marketing, branding, content marketing, digital marketing, platform marketing, voice marketing etc.


We create futureproof business and brand strategies that deliver growth for business, people and planet. We help build futurekind visions, innovations and human experiences based on smart data, insights and trend foresights. On top we help companies to onboard this vision with all the necessary stakeholders. What happens when we combine data scientist with customer insights and trend foresights? We create an unconventional view on your customer of today, tomorrow and beyond.

We put a better future at the heart of doing business.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation

At &KOO we’ve taken it upon us to help our clients business thrive. The time is more than ever to reset the fundamentals of how we live, experience, consume and produce. Together we have the opportunity to (re)design the world we want to live in – one that propels us forward, that respects our values and creates new ones fitting the zeitgeist today and tomorrow, that creates a better future for businesses and our society.

We are passionate about the possible positive outcomes of our future. There’s always a better way, and we make it our business to look for it and to make it happen for and with our clients. We create technology, innovation, insights and communications that ignite business growth for the better. Our Better Future Value Model balances the 4 drivers of future growth in marketing: your value proposition, your intelligence capital, your marketing technology and your marketing communications.


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