Core target audience in B2B

IBM had came to the conclusion that they needed to communicate in a more customer-centric way to its core target audience in B2B in order to break through the clutter.  To that end, they decided to launch the ‘This is IBM’ concept. This would become a series of B2B events where their aim would be to make what they were doing to change the world a lot less complex for its audience and show the impact they make in everyday life, now and in the future. They asked us to help them in searching for angles, gather stories and produce a series of compelling cards/online articles.

This is the world we’re helping to build. This is IBM.

Creative output

We wrote native English copy for 24 Boomerang cards handed out at these events. These cards held a QR code that directed towards the This Is IBM landing page. We also wrote the copy for the cases to be found on the This is IBM website.

We wrote the long reads aiming to show the impact IBM has on everyday life and interviewed some of the major stakeholders at IBM. BOSON also created the social media posts to drive traffic to the landing page


The Boomerang cards resulted in massive click-through to the website. Website conversion ratios were higher than ever. Overall, a very happy IBM client, looking forward to collaborating with us in future projects!

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Lead agency: BOSON

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