Innovation Design

As we continue to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, companies must adjust to a new purpose driven era. Innovation today can lead more than ever business and societal growth. It’s time to nurture clear, future-proofed ideas, and seize the most rewarding opportunities for the better.

Successful innovation is built on deep human understanding. Benefit from the latest thinking in forecasting, segmentation, behavioural economics and cognitive science to identify and launch solutions that re-shape your industry.


How we make better future innovation that reliably leads to value and growth.

Does your organization needs help in developing innovation capabilities, nurture clear future-proofed ideas and seize the most rewarding opportunities to navigate the transformational industry shifts? Are you struggling to convince key stakeholders within your organization to invest in new ideas and business opportunities?

Then talk to us about your innovation ambition? We can make innovation part of your path-to-purpose.

Times are challenging and businesses need to reinvent themselves towards integrated thinking and a future of shared value. Every client is different, and so are our customizable programs. We can enable you to create a long term innovation transformation strategy and program that delivers business results and at the same time build and coach an internal innovation team, train your executives and all necessary stakeholders and develop an innovation playbook and toolkit.

What are our key drivers to create innovation capabilities in your change for the better?

Life Centric Culture

If there’s one thing our society needs, it’s the call for empathy and trust. We put the end user and his/her life view at the very center of your innovation process, to design new solutions that customers will value more than ever before.

Positive transformation and activism

A fast-changing world that’s resetting fundamentals requires brands and businesses that take on the challenge of new positivism and real action.


An innovative culture and an open view on creativity are essential. Enhance your team’s customer-centric mindset and skills and feed them with inspiring techniques to jumpstart innovation.


Empathy is key in creating better futures. For your employees and for the customer. What drives them to build a better future. Feed them with inspiration, tools and ‘powers’ to create valuable innovations.


Encourage a culture of experimentation, where you can trial and error. Positive change needs a positive attitude towards experimenting. Adopt Lean and improve.

Innovation process

Although innovation needs freedom to operate, a structured yet lightweight innovation process will enable innovation projects to move forward swiftly.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation

Design products, services and business models that create better future value

Innovation Strategy

Your industry and the world is changing rapidly. What innovation strategy will keep you ahead of the market and creating a better future?

Business Design

Build products and services customers love a, with a sustainable and profitable business model.

Brand Architecture & Portfolio Optimization

Optimize and strengthen your brand architecture and portfolio with a purpose driven approach.

Future Exploration

We offer a unique set of micro and macrotrends and associated consumer behaviors specific to your brand, allowing you to build a solid future foundation of your business.

Strategy Sprint

In less than a week, we can help you develop an action plan for growth alongside key decision makers in your organization

Innovation & creativity training

We create bespoke programs to start building a culture of innovation in your organization and to find new ideas for your business.

Onboarding Strategy & implementation

A culture of innovation can only work if everyone in the company is on board with the new vision and business choices. We help you to get the teams aligned and empowered to be part of the change.

We can help build a culture of innovation throughout your whole organization