Innovation & Intelligence

Customer expect businesses to play an impactful role in today’s society. What is your strategy for a new futurekind world?

&KOO Innovation &Intelligence is a creative strategy lab.

We explore better futures for your brand and business delivering human experiences and growth. We help you to navigate change, unlock opportunities, thrive in a world of continuous uncertainty… and make a positive impact.

All this with a unique future-first approach. 


We uncover the trends and consumer behaviors that’ll shape the future in the years to come. We help you cope with the many disruptions in society and your industry.


We help transform your brand and your business to become futureproof and futurekind, making you resilient, relevant and pro-active in a disruptive landscape.


Innovation exists to make you grow in new exciting directions for the better.  We help you define your innovation strategy, create new business models, products and services that bring progress to all.


We don’t stop at making plans. We’re part of a technology and communications powerhouse so we can actually make it happen.

Do you want a future presentation or discover what The Future Lab Europe can do for your business?

How can we help create a better future for your business?

Better Futures Foresight strategy

We help our clients engage with their future consumers, deliver thought-leadership, build and future-proof brands, and create innovation in their industry or category.

Our services enable our clients to identify and prioritise the trends that matter most, plot the strategic direction they need to take, and execute these plans to realise longer-term growth opportunities and remove the risk or doubt in the process.  Whether it be new product or service development, marketing communications, placemaking or customer experience,

For this , we work with one of world’s most renowned foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory

The Future Laboratory Europe

Brand Purpose Strategy

Together, we create a future proof and futurekind brand purpose giving new directions for your marketing, products and services, technology developments and by default every department in your organization. If needed we can help build a purpose-driven culture in all layers of your organization. 

Positivity Inclusion strategy

We believe that all people should feel welcome, whoever they are, where-ever they come from. We’ve created a Positivity ID for businesses and institutions to strategically embrace inclusivity in their business and marketing approach

Book our workshop full of inspiration with a proprietary methodology to become on all levels more inclusive.   

Innovation Strategy & onboarding

In co-creation we review your current innovation portfolio, organize activities, brain sessions, future insights and sprint workshops, to create an innovation path for the next years. 

Consequently we also advise and coach all the stakeholders in the company to create a supported innovation vision and way of working throughout all the departments. 

Digital transformation Strategy

We’ve developed a technology blueprint offering insights in your current strategy and a roadmap for new digital transformation scenario’s.

Our 5 step methodology helps companies to create a digital transformation strategy based on the technological maturity of the company. 

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Get to know your future consumers and understand how to use global trends and market shifts to your advantage

LS:N Global is a subscription-based trends intelligence service by The Future Laboratory. We provide original research, trends, analysis, market intelligence and qualitative insights to help industry professionals make informed decisions about the future.

Our resources have been shown to help businesses engage with their future consumers, develop and future-proof brands, and prioritise opportunities for innovation. Members of the service get exclusive access to the consumer trends defining tomorrow’s cultural landscape and the early adopters, innovators and start-ups driving global change across eight industry sectors.

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LSN Global - trends platform

Explore verticals such as News, Macrotrends, Microtrends, Markets, Behaviours, Design Directions, Communities, Trend Reports, Webinars and much more.

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