Innovation for the better

“Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

Preparing for a better future

We don’t pursue innovation for the sake of it. The era of ‘can we’ is passed; we‘re convinced that the era of ‘should we’ has started. At &Koo we exist to use our imagination to create a better world. The question for us is 'How do innovative ways of thinking deliver betterment for your business, the planet and society simultaneously?

We don’t predict a better future. We use our innovation skills and strategic foresight to make it happen.

Like you, our focus is on the consumer. All of our tools have been created to help harness their thinking, map their behaviour and study those innovations – or early adopter opportunities – that differentiate brand leaders from category followers.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovation

&KOO Foresight Intelligence

Get to know your future consumers, understand how to use global trends and market shifts to your and society’s advantage.

The &Koo Future Innovation Lab identifies and anticipates game-changing business, market, social, cultural and technology trends through provocative thought leadership.

&KOO Marketing & Technology

&KOO Future Innovation Lab

We help imagine, incubate and prototype new concepts that will have a near-term impact on business and society. Our technologists, futurists and researchers deliver breakthrough technologies and strategic solutions that lead to innovative products and services for our clients.

The &Koo Future Innovation Lab can rely on different expertises from the more than 7000 thinkers and do-ers of the Cronos / &KOO network offering an immense knowledge advantage to experiment and develop.

&KOO Marketing & Technology

&KOO Studios

&KOO Studios focus on a range of specializations from rapid application development to service design and digital project creation to mobile apps, AR, VR, game building, AI, chatbots  and many other digital services.