Integration Platform Development

The team is complaining about using software that is not user-friendly, you have various systems running in parallel, with data floating around. You hope no hacker finds out about your setup, and have a bad feeling about the GDPR-compliance of the setup.
But more important, your newest addition to the ecosystem is not talking to the other systems. You worry about this limiting team performance and making simple tasks more difficult than they should be.


Imagine a more efficient team-collaboration.

We offer a full spectrum of integration solutions, ranging from known players such as Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics, to lesser known players and even home-brew/legacy ERP, CRM and CMS. In close collaboration with your current IT team we design a possible sustainable solution and explain our approach. Usually a “sprint“ format is applied where we get together on a regular basis and evaluate results and progress.

We see the design of a website as an exercise in human psychology, stimulating certain behavior. All our projects are considered in permanent evolution as teams and brands evolve.

Possible Future

Imagine a more efficient team-collaboration. Data flowing from and to the various databases but you are in full control. You know the data is not only flowing correctly today, but you could add more systems on top of the current stack and it would still work. Native integrations based on API’s coming together in middleware.

We are looking for better future sustainable assignments.

We are a creative, strategic and technologic network. Our agencies and partners are purpose-built around our client’s unique business challenges, and they bring multidisciplinary creative thinking to every stage of engagement.