Intelligence Capital

Technology is rapidly evolving and is having a profound impact on businesses. This has resulted in an explosion of data, and companies often find themselves in a situation where they feel they are data rich but insights poor. In this rapidly changing world, businesses not only need to adapt to this new environment but should also develop new muscles to stay ahead and remain competitive. The key to this is about understanding and anticipating what consumers want and need even before they can articulate it. It is all about getting to the future first.

In the current environment, Intelligence Capital is going to be one of the most important sources of competitive advantage that companies can create. It will define who thrives and who struggles. &Koo Intelligence Capital can help you make the right decisions based on business intelligence, customer behavior, predictive analyses and future trends.

Envision and execute a better future for your business. And for all of us.


Data strategy & culture

Moving towards a data-driven organisation asks for a strategic plan to design a behavioral  way of working on all levels : organisational, functional & technical AND cultural :  data-driven is all about  behaviour.

Modern Analytics

Today data is modern analytics. Let’s talk about shortening time and effort from data to insight, and increasing the adoption of data and modern analytics, company-wide. Your data. Your company.

Smart Engineering

The time of data excels and complex charts are over. You want to service your organisation with augmented analytics, creating an extra level of data richness, turning information into insights, ready to take the next best business decisions. We call this smart engineering and our experts are ready to help you get the right data you can make a difference with.

Data Factory

Insights delivered to business people ask for more : they should always be available, following the increasing need of answers out of data. The data factory will supply this real-time data automation process , to support your business at any time of the day.

Customer insights & behavior

Our experts are specialized in dissecting consumer behavior, uncovering consumer trends, and deep diving into valuable data to unlock fresh consumer insights and improve your business .

Future insights

We identify the macrotrends and microtrends and associated consumer behaviors, that will redefine and reframe tomorrow’s new markets. We provide you with a hierarchy of trends, signals and strategic implications specific to your brand, allowing you to build a solid foundation to shape foresight literacy across your business and to align your internal focus.

We bring data, insights and trends to life through the lens of your own business to create futlureproof strategies

Interested in bespoke future reports, inspiration sessions, keynote presentations, experimental labs or future events?

Our forward-looking foresight presentations and trend workshops are designed to equip you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow.

Debate, challenge thinking and generate opportunities with our future innovation specialists to uncover new areas for betterment growth.
Our visually arresting multimedia presentations demonstrate exactly how future trends, markets and consumer thinking can be applied to your category, business and brand.

Envision and execute a better future for your business.
And for all of us.