We help companies to get the most out of digital.

Invisible Puppy presents a team of about 30 seasoned strategists and young digital natives in the field of digital marketing & communication. Modern marketing and sales require a hands-on approach with a consistent strategic vision. Therefore, it is important for organizations to take ownership of the entire mix. Invisible Puppy helps organizations plotting the course and acts as a coach during the implementation.

Digital Strategy

A clear digital strategy answers questions such as “Who is your target audience?”, “What do we want to achieve?”, “How will digital contribute to our objectives?”.

Together we develop a plan that plots a path towards your business objectives. You can see it as a roadmap that guides you through the digital landscape down to the last detail. In our very own unique way, we help you achieve results in the execution of your digital strategy. We regularly adjust the strategy, monitor results, and deliver on our long-term commitment towards your long-term goals.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing makes your campaigns more efficient by optimising the entire chain of digital interactions. Clear objectives are set that contribute directly to your growth. You want more customers, higher sales or a better margin. Thanks to our proven approach and expertise, we are able to achieve 25% more conversion with the same budget.


Starting with a webshop or optimizing your existing webshop? Our experts got you covered. Be fully guided from strategy and set-up to marketing your brand new webshop. Our team relieves you by offering a full e-commerce service where you receive guidance, advice and support throughout the entire process from A to Z.

You already have a webshop, but there is room for improvement? Our experts like to take a critical look at your webshop and use their knowledge and expertise to implement the necessary optimisations with a higher ROI as the goal.

Big strategies do not need a bulky digital agency.

Core expertise

Digital Strategy, Performance Marketing, Data Strategy, e-commerce strategy, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing

Agency values

Our fundamental believe is that we can bring results to our customers, when our employees are the best in our industry.  We are extremely passionate team players who proactively deal with customers and projects and reinforce each other by constantly sharing knowledge and experiences with each other …



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