If there’s one thing that defines the Christmas season, it’s – no, not the turkey or the fun – it’s… stress. Yes, you read that right. Good old-fashioned, everyday stress. Stress for an advertiser because you need to look for an original Christmas gift for your employees and customers. I mean, what are you going to give them? And do you do this under your own name, or do you let Santa take all the credit? And of course, stress for an advertising agency because you are once again expected to conjure up an end-of-year campaign out of your Christmas stockings. But hey, we’re not complaining. A little stress is healthy. And by the way, a campaign in the middle of a Corona crisis? Well, we thought it was a nice challenge. With all the associated stress.

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You can expect the same stress at the end of every year: the search for an original Christmas present for customers or employees. Many managers and entrepreneurs usually opt for uninspiring business or year-end gifts. Despite there being many other options. To name just one: the unsurpassed Kinepolis cinema voucher. Advertisers are introduced to the wide range of end-of-year gifts and the Kinepolis cinema voucher in particular. In short, that was the Kinepolis Business briefing. But how do you reach your target group? An inhomogeneous target group consisting of SME managers, as well as HR managers, marketing managers, CEOs, etc. A well-written approach was required.

And a phone call to Santa, of course.


Aan een marketing automation campagne gaat heel wat denkwerk vooraf. Alle scenario’s moeten correct zijn. Hoe beter je je huiswerk maakt, hoe gerichter je je doelgroep kan aanspreken.

Seb De Roover


How to reach the right target group?

As we already said, our target group is not uniform in character or content; it is very diverse. It is composed of a diverse group of managers. A challenge, but the kind we like to tackle. Together with Dallas, we ensured a targeted approach via a smart and phased DM campaign combined with a marketing automation tool to send the right messages at the right time.

&KOO I Marketing, Technology & innovationI Trouble Case


The message neatly packaged in a competition

We hid – or should we say packed? – our message in a competition. With an original bow around it. And we invited everyone in our database to participate.

What’s that now? 

The Corona crisis provided the necessary inspiration. What if we asked Santa to pass our message on while wearing a mouth mask? Surprisingly unintelligible and therefore all the more striking. The idea responded perfectly to the pandemic and respected the prevailing measures. Even while in the studio 😉

The ‘Ho-Ho Hoor je wat ik zeg’ [Can you hear what I’m ‘sleighing’] contest was born. Santa Claus spoke a dozen sentences from behind his mouth mask. More or less understandable. The participants had to guess what he said. There was a new assignment every week, for 10 weeks. The campaign started in late November and lasted until early January. Whoever guessed the tip had a chance to win 25 cinema vouchers. Or, at the end, the top prize of €2,500.


One unique landing page as a starting point

All the communication led to a landing page to register and participate in the competition.

A targeted DM approach works.

Our database was our starting point. We used this to send out all the e-mails. In addition, we naturally went fishing using our own channels (cinema and social media) to increase the catch outside our own network.

Go with the flow

No smart ‘automated’ (read: Hubspot) marketing campaign without properly written flows. We followed up with all the participants, who received the right messages at the right time in the trajectory we had mapped out for them. And we achieved the optimal result.

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