&KOO expands

&KOO expands with a strategic Innovation & Intelligence cluster of expert companies, led by Kristel Vanderlinden.

&KOO puts Kristel Vanderlinden at the helm of &KOO Innovation & Intelligence, the strategic consultancy cluster that aims to assist companies and brands in their business and brand transformation strategy.

&KOO I team I Kristel Vanderlinden

“We are very pleased that Kristel is taking on the challenge of putting &KOO Innovation & Intelligence on the market in a fresh and bold way,” says Koen van Impe (CEO of &KOO). “With the unique ‘We make a Better Future happen’ vision, we offer companies and brands a valuable and future proof approach to a business and marketing transformation strategy. In Kristel we find the ideal strategist for today’s complex marketing exercises. Moreover, as a proven entrepreneur, she is the ideal person to build a group of expertise and companies around this proposition.”

Kristel Vanderlinden: “In recent years we have seen marketing issues evolve into complex business issues. The same is true of communication issues, where the solution is increasingly to be found in innovative products and services. There is an explanation for this: today’s consumers expect products and services to do more than function and to make an effective contribution, both personally and collectively. 

In short, companies are expected to make an important contribution to a better future for us as individuals, for society and for the planet. That is where we want to and can make a difference. With &KOO Innovation & Intelligence, we focus on human-driven experiences and innovation. We are here for curious leaders who want to deal positively with change and progress. But we also target pioneers, builders, CEOs, marketers looking for new insights and new forms of connections and collaborations for their business, brand and employees.”

&KOO Innovation & Intelligence will both fill in the strategic consultancy section of the &KOO Group and strengthen existing expert companies of &KOO. In addition, it is also being used as a strategic offering for the Cronos Group, to further strategically support companies and brands to continue to grow sustainably through the latest technology, insights, trends and business/marketing intelligence.

About Kristel Vanderlinden

Kristel has been head of strategy at various national and international advertising agencies (Lowe Worldwide Amsterdam – where she was global brand director for a number of Unilever brands, Ogilvy Brussels and Boondoggle) for years. Recently, she gained experience as an entrepreneur and with Spectra she built a visionary creative strategy lab together with Karin De Bruyn. Kristel: “I am very happy with my experience at Spectra and the cooperation with Karin. Together, we have been able to use strategy in a very innovative way and we have been able to deliver some great projects. Spectra’s offer is more relevant than ever in these times, so I wish Karin every success in her future approach.”

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