We like to partner with ambitious people to develop vigorous brands at the growth rate of the company. Combined with a strong focus on digital we want to create sustainable brands.

We have a proven methodology that helps us creating strong brands with a digital first approach. We call it the Brand Growth Model.

This basically means that we go through five stages of growth based on strategic and design thinking to create an identity that exactly fits your brand. Topped up with the possibilities digital has to offer to create a brand that truly makes its mark.

1. Brand Challenge

The kick-off of each project starts with a carefully assembled workshop accommodated to your needs. Our goal is straightforward, collect as much information we need to be quickly up-to-date with the current status of your brand. And more importantly we challenge you to think in your brand’s future-mode. Discovering more about the story we want to tell, our added value as a brand, the target audience … We want to enable you to think further in order to finally put our finger on how you make your mark.

2. Brand Personality

The core intention of the brand, the guiding principles and the attitude that guide your company. Deep diving into the fundamental of turning the brand’s intention into reality. Bridging the gap between saying what you do and actually expressing it. A crucial moment when you want to build a strong brand. That’s why we believe the brand’s personality should offer guidelines to the rest of the team on how to be coherent in the way the brand behaves, based upon clear values and rightly formulated DNA. In a way it’s like a public resolution, much more than just for your employees. Be open to your audience about the values you preach so they can identify themselves with your brand. No wavy bullshit or promises you can’t keep. Your intentions are defined clearly to put yourself out there and take position.

3. Brand iDeation

This is where the magic happens. The translation of our Brand Personality into a creative outcome, the IDea. Thinking about the way the brand should express itself towards its target audience and wants to be perceived. A crucial step to give us more visual insights into the market, competitors or other related brands. Based on this creative strategy we’ll determine together what the right approach and concept will be. A tone and visual world that fits your brand best. The right IDea really depends on the brand’s personality (and name) that we’ve defined before. By defining the way your brand could finally express itself we determine the necessary elements to make your brand come alive.

4. Brand Expression

Finetuning the chosen IDea and start building a brand expression kit. Develop the right tone of voice, logo, graphical elements, iconography, motion design, typography and colours that are essential in creating and extending its identity. You will notice and see how the brand is able to express itself in order to evoke the right emotions and message. A visual and mostly digital environment that’s eventually applicable to all communication material like website, a slide deck, social posts, ads, video, app, banners, mail templates or things like business cards, labels, … in a durable and consistent way. Elements that allow your brand to express itself rightfully, just like a human being.

5. Brand Communication

This phase means more or less everything that your brand specifically needs to express itself to its audience. Most of times this includes the design of the website incl. a fitting icon set, working on a brand introduction campaign or creating templates for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, mail. We’re all in!

Core expertise

Brand Design / Brand Strategy / Brand Story / Sonic Branding / Creative Direction / Outdoor Media Design

Agency values

We Create Brand Romance.



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