An expressive identity for MikeViktorViktor

MikeViktorViktor (MVV) is an architectural firm. It’s not the ordinary architect that settles for less. The person behind Mike Viktor Viktor really wants to go all the way to create something extraordinary for his clients. This also refers to the material he uses and the way he approaches each individual project. The end result needs to be something the client is excited about and eventually be build to last.


Taking all of this into account we came up with an M that needed to be the main focal point and bearer of the way the brand should express itself. The M needed to be extra special and be able to translate the brand’s main mission. That’s why we created an M that’s build out of four different surfaces. Each surface has a different meaning, the textures refer to the materials. The other one its innovative and fresh take on architecture, and so on.

By implementing this throughout the whole branding it gets a truly recognisable feel that enhances the brand’s vision on the way we should build today, and tomorrow.

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Lead agency : MAKEOUT

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