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OKay RETAIL STORES had been handing out out promo flyers like forever, but got the feeling their shoppers were looking for something better… a little bit more inspiration on what to cook. They told us they were thinking of launching an in-store content paper, but were not really sure on what to put in that paper. They asked us to help them out.ld.

Creative output

We organized 3 content strategic workshops together with the OKay & CCX marketing teams to:

  1. Define key KPI’s for the paper;
  2. Find the content sweetspot;
  3. Select the key target audience;
  4. Define what our target audience was interested in;
  5. Define the 3 basic content pillars for the OKay brand.

Visual guidelines

We worked out branding & layout to establish visual guidelines that took into account existing brand guidelines and the wish to rejuvenate the brand somewhat. At that, we took care of photography. We have been responsible for the ideation of what content would be interesting for editions since April 2020. Finally we wrote Dutch and French copy for the paper, the online landing page environment and Pinterest.


The OKay store managers told us the paper was really applauded by its visitors. That is why they hand out the paper at the cash register with great pride. The OKay and CCX marketing teams are very pleased by our work and the speed at which we work for them.

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Lead agency: BOSON

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