Content Strategy

Orange is the third largest telco operator in Belgium. They are a challenger, and like all challengers they are looking for ways to deliver the best possible experience to their target audience. At the time, they were producing heaps of content… but it didn’t seem to amount to much… They asked us to optimize content marketing efforts augmenting brand sympathy, generating more sales and finding a way in to a younger (IG, TikTok, Twitch…) audience.

Agile Content sprints

Since the telco sector is quite a fast-moving fast-changing sector, we decided not to write a content strategy, but to make a content growth plan, consisting of 40 ideas of how to improve content marketing activities.

Afterwards, we created some 7 pillars that we’d work on in 2020 and 2021, amongst others:

  • A blog optimization track
  • A social media optimization track
  • A YouTube track;

Together with the awesome editorial team at Orange, we are currently responsible for:

  • Social media production
  • Blog copywriting
  • YouTube optimization
  • Occasional content campaigns


An ever evolving Instagram account. Improved SEO and time spent on the Orange blog. Increase of brand sympathy through the StoepStories content campaign and a thorough clean up and future-proof strategy for the YouTube-channel and the blog.

Content Campaigning

In March 2020, we went into lockdown. Orange Belgium realized they had to come up with a warm story to support Belgium and create brand sympathy for Orange while doing so. We had been working on their content marketing since January 2020 and they asked us to come up with a content campaign.

#StoepStories #MacadamStories

We noticed that 2 generations were suffering more than others during lockdown: children and grandparents. We also noticed spontaneous acts of kindness popping up, e.g. children writing with chalk on their pavements at the houses of friends.

The Idea.

#StoepStories #MacadamStories

— A story of two lonely generations during lockdown

  1. We created an online platform / filled with inspirational blogposts of how to use chalk to spread warm messages/paintings of love on the pavements of the loved ones you miss.
  1. We wrote an e-DM for Orange clients.
  1. We took care of all social media activity on the Orange channels.
  1. We launched a series of native articles on the HLN and RTBF websites.
  1. We launched an influencer campaign.
  1. We launched a TV and radio jingle.


  1. Our story was liked, picked up and spread by 28 macro-influencers, amongst which Evi Hanssen(NL), Anke Buckinx(NL), Sandrine Corman(FR), Emilie Dupuis (FR), and over 20 micro-influencers. We reached 1.9 mio people through our influencer efforts.
  1. Influencer and presenter Sandrine Corman liked our campaign that well, she interviewed Orange’s spokesperson in the radioshow ‘Belges à Domicile’
  1. Our native stories appeared here, here and here on HLN. We appeared in Le Soir here. This again resulted in 2 mio in reach.
  1. Brand barometers, indicated the campaign was very much appreciated by its audience, which contributed to much higher degrees in brand sympathy.

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