&KOO People

&KOO People is part of the &KOO Group, an ecosystem of 16 expert companies with a focus in marketing communication, strategy and technology.  This translates into a broad network of in-house and freelance marketing & data experts.

At &KOO People we love matching consultants with assignments based on your company needs and our expertises.

Get in touch with our team for the right expert or have a look at our available consultants.

We love to match consultants and assignments.

At &KOO People we believe in the importance of inclusivity and sustainability. Referring to the core values of &KOO Group, we work together towards a better future.

For consultants with an expertise

Looking for the right … ASSIGNMENT?

  • We ensure you have access to many clients and a wide spectrum of projects in different sectors.
  • We only select the best fit and present only matching opportunities.
  • &KOO People, part of Cronos Group, is financially stable. We respect correct fees for your expertise and work with 30-day payment terms.
  • You will never walk alone. &KOO People is always ready to help. Onboarding, smooth managing, helping you to get the assignment and source in-house expertise, we can do it all.

What’s in it for you?

Fair and challenging assignment matching, pricing, remuneration, treatment, support, knowledge, skills and extras.

Become part of our community of marketing and communication experts. Not only are you part of a skilled group, you also will be part of some enjoyable activities, entertaining drinks or some amusing dinners. In short, the many moments of fun.

For brands with an assignment

Who wants to work with the right … CONSULTANTS?

At &KOO People we put a better future at the heart of doing business.

Are you looking for …

  • Temporary talent
  • Someone to fill in a difficult vacancy
  • A replacement for a job

We can make sure you find someone, with the necessary experience in different sectors and immediate availability.

Still got some questions or already convinced? 

Get in touch with nicolas@koo.be.

Matching marketing assignments and much more