Performance Marketing

We are the next-generation digital business acceleration experts implementing solid digital strategies, e-commerce strategies and growth marketing processes - short term and long term- and if needed, we can train your teams to become acceleration specialists too.


We drive your business forward with future-proof digital transformation strategy & implementation

We help our clients to achieve impactful digital marketing results  by offering operationally-excellent and result-focused solutions. We focus on leads and conversions, short term and long term growth and help you start or optimize your web performance.

What makes us different is our obsession for the customer and the world they live in. Sure, performance marketing is based on growth but what means growth if you just focus on as much (new) clients to sell as much as you can short term. But what happens with these clients afterwards? Often marketing automation systems just focus on short term ROI in stead of a lifetime customer value strategy.

During our years of experience we’ve come to the insight that a lifetime customer value is more important for your brand, brand preference and ultimately sales.

More than 95% of companies say that the client is central in their marketing approach, but only 8% of customers agree this is the case. Focus on attracting the client and subsequently move the client to the client service department for loyalty is not a sustainable client strategy.

A customer value strategy means that you not only offer delightful customer service, but it means creating valuable customer experience, throughout its life and life needs. A company that truly values its clients, invests in creating a culture around the client and the clients needs/values/aspirations whilst working at their objectives.

‘Customer Lifetime Value is backwards. It’s not about how much value you can extract from customers. It’s about how much value you provide back to customers during their lifetime.’


Performance Marketing Roadmap.

SPARK Performance Marketing Roadmap

Discover the most effective methods for your digital transformation and customer performance strategy

Performance marketing

Performance marketing turns your campaigns and brand actions more performant due to the optimisation of all your digital touchpoint. With our optimization sprints we can continuously learn and adapt.

Growth audit

We analyse quite extensively the different digital components that drive growth: from market and customer analyses, to SEO audit, PPC audit and  automation audit to user experience and UI. By using our specific data driven measure methods we know exactly where we can deliver growth.

Growth hacking

Our growth hacking techniques combine an audit, a growth infrastructure strategy and a full growth service package including a dashboard, monthly sessions, experiments, SEO content reviews and paid traffic services.

Digital marketing enablement

There used to be a time when agencies would work separately from clients but those days are long over. At &Koo we co-create and enable our clients internally to become themselves more performant via different enablement programs.

Performance marketing roadmap

Discover our methodology to create a performance driven culture. Our blueprint offers a unique view how to use data, deepen your strategy and scale via the right technology.

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