River Woods is an authentic and stylish fashion brand

A fashion brand which embraces family, solidarity and the shear joy of living, and reflects the spirit of the true North-Eastern American lifestyle. Since 2019, the brand focuses on online sales via its webshop, asking extra support in social media marketing doing so.


We’ve created a complete social media strategy for River Woods, perfectly attuned to a Flemish, Walloon and Dutch target audience. With visuals provided by colleagues at River Woods themselves, we create content for Facebook and Instagram for the entire Benelux. Retail can be very hectic and last-minute, but we see this as a nice challenge!


Of course — and probably most importantly —, we provide effective ads for River Woods, where conversion on the webshop is crucial. Thanks to the insights we gained as a Facebook preferred agency and our senior strategist, we are achieving spectacular results with our specific advertising strategy (created in house) with the campaigns for River Woods. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, we generated a ROI of 14, purely through ads on Facebook and Instagram. For every euro spent on social media ads, we generated 14 euros revenue for the fashion brand. In addition, our brand awareness campaigns also did their job, with a bottom cost of €0.01 per estimated ad recall lift. Fantastic results we are very proud of!


Every month, we provide an extensive report via Google Data Studio, of which we immediately apply the learnings in the next content calendar. We keep on learning every month, which keeps us the most motivated team there is!

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