Strategy, innovation, businessdesign

&Koo is a strategy, innovation and business design board and creative lab. Our entrepreneurs and consultants help businesses and organizations in their transition to a better future, navigating through fundamental business and consumer shifts.

We realize change doesn’t come easy. After all each of our own talents and consultants are entrepreneurs themselves. So we do not only deliver a more holistic view, but we translate our strategies in clear deliveries and workable approaches for all stakeholders. We focus on producing result for business, people and planet.


Better Futures

Together, we’ll define a strong business and brand purpose that will deliver a better future for your business, your employees, your customer and far beyond. During specific workshops and strategy sprints, we’ll define a better futures vision and futureproof roadmap for the years to come.

Brand Purpose Strategy

Our world is changing rapidly. People are re-evaluating not only their life but also the way they consume. What role can you play in consumer’s lives today to be relevant and purposeful today and tomorrow.

Innovation Design

In co-creation we review your current innovation portfolio, organize activities and sprint workshops, define your current customers needs but also the needs of your customers of tomorrow and create an innovation path for the next years. Consequently we also advise and coach all the stakeholders in the company to create a supported innovation vision and way of working throughout all the departments.

Product & Service Design

We help our clients transform the way they fundamentally work, make and think – making their culture more resilient. Together we create products and services that make a real impact.

We believe in the immersive power of shared value. We’re ready to help you reinvent. Not just for the sake of doing good. But to help you emerge stronger and better. Today and tomorrow.


We offer, next to our strategic propositions, a variety of enablement capabilities to strengthen your internal teams and enhance the skills in your organization to keep up with new technologies, content strategies, performance marketing tools and much more.

Contact us to discover how we can help your product or service.