The 10 key takeaways for CMO & CIO on how to break the silo’s

Speakers from Google, &KOODatasight and Fivetran joined forces to enlighten our guests on how we can break down the silos between CMO & CIO.

Underneath you will find the most important conclusions for those who couldn’t attend.

1-Artificial Intelligence is mandatory for all of us.

You don’t need to become a data scientist, but you should understand it well enough to know what the potential is for your business.

2-Becoming a data driven company has lots of benefits and therefore it is a must for most companies.

3-Passing your infrastructure in the cloud, liberates resources & budget to focus on IT activities/algorithms which create real value and possibly differentiation from competition.

4-Customer journeys have become more complex and customer experience standards rise every year, so you need to adapt your tooling to your business.

Marketing & IT need to work together to understand each other

5-A central data platform which collects, stores, uniforms data from all internal & external sources is a must …

but you have them in all sizes and capabilities. Decide first which capabilities (real time, dynamic content orchestration,..) you need and then go see vendors.

6-Data are defining products.

We get disrupted by new players due to technology that evolves more quickly than ever, and companies should start working differently. 

7-For company strategy it is a must to define where the opportunities lie in the long run.

The Future Laboratory has a 5 year view on 6 forces that will determine the environment in which businesses operate. These forces are: Technology impact, climate change, a dislocated world where people feel less at home, global vs local, evolving demographics and an urban mindset.

8-Thanks to data & tools reverse engineering of MKT is a way to improve ROI of MKT and complements the traditional funnel approach

9-Marketeers shouldn’t buy tools but buy capabilities based on use cases with a big impact.

If not, you risk buying tools which overlap with other tools in the company

10-While Fivetran is like the stone of Rosetta linking all data sources to a central platform, Looker is one of the best BI tools on the market.

In conclusion:

  1. There has never been so much data around and customers are willing to share their data in return for added value.
  2. It has never been easier/cheaper to connect data sources.
  3. The IT department can liberate resources & budget by putting the infrastructure in the cloud & work with SAAS tooling.
  4. The IT department should learn about business cases, segmentations, MKT capabilities…
  5. The MKT department should learn about data, tools, the potential of machine learning…

How can MKT & IT create sustainable revenue for the company via collaboration, data & tools. That is the challenge which bridges the silo between CMO & the CIO.

Do you have additional questions about one of these topics? Or do you want a private session on how the break silo’s between CMO & CIO?

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