Qualitative freelancers and professionals without margins.

The Maffia is an intermediary organization who links clients to professionals in a different and transparent way. The following elements are crucial to guide this process successfully: competences, availability, quality and price. The Maffia is primarily focused on (digital) marketing, (online) communication, advertisement and audiovisual.

The effectiveness of this transparent and correct model proves in our numbers: we have 7.000 satisfied members. These are all junior, medior, senior and award-winning professionals. We do extensive research to offer assignments from one day to one year or more with an availability of 10% to full-time. And the most important part: the client negotiates the day rate directly with the professional, The Maffia doesn’t take a margin.

When the intermediary takes a smaller fee, it becomes cheaper for the freelancer and the client

Our business model

How did we get to this business model? As a freelancer you often struggle with the margins companies take on your day rate. And that is the problem that The Maffia offers a solution for: “It’s not the freelancer that’s too expensive, it’s the margin that gets taken on him that’s too expensive.” With our Finder’s Fee-model we want to eliminate the daily commissions that gets taken to the disadvantage of the professional.

Our process

Imagine this: you want to hire a professional in the marketing or communication branch for a short period of time, but the research process seems too difficult to start with. That’s where The Maffia takes over for you. We do the extensive research and we offer the candidate that is the most suitable for your company and the certain assignment. After our screening process we introduce to you the most suitable candidate(s), this all without having to pay a cent. When the person is hired, then we ask for a compensation based on the one-time Finder’s Fee.

Core expertise

recruitment / intermediary / hiring / independent professionals / no margins

Agency values

Our believe is that we can help clients find the perfect person for the job without taking daily commissions. Our well thought-out is very extensive to offer the perfect candidate for the client. We are an honest team and we strive to present potential candidates without robbing the clients.


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