Generating real business value through smart data engineering.

We facilitate your vision with our expertise and structured approach. Our multi-disciplinary team provides us the capability to adopt a can-do “think-tank” mentality. We provide pragmatic solutions and try to push the envelop in introducing new research into practical business settings.
Our expertise spans over the whole data value chain and our core pillars can be defined as:

Data Strategy

In business, strategy is key to make sure that all company decisions are in line with a higher purpose and long-term vision and goals. The same can be said for the use of data.

Data Management

Data is perceived as the new oil. But as oil, it is a messy but valuable resource. A clear and structured data management framework is essential to make sure that you get the most value out of the available data and paves the way to optimisation through data science and AI.

Data Science & A.I.

We apply a business-oriented, pragmatic approach to data science and AI. Most algorithms and modelling techniques have been around for decades. It’s just their application and adoption in the business context that have been lagging behind. We want to facilitate companies in their journey towards this DS & AI adoption, by focusing on true business value and engaging the business. The stakeholders will only accept the results, if they understand and trust the process.

VALION Business data value chain

No matter what the hypes say, the key principle for data will always be “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

Core expertise

data science / data strategy / data management / A.I

Agency values

We are passionate about creating true business value for our clients. The core of our cooperation is based on a clear understanding of the business needs/pains, but more importantly also the ambitions. We focus on true business value with no-nonsense mentality. Experienced innovators. Vendor-independent philosophy. Structured and end-to-end approach.


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