Coworking management at your fingertips.

The smart operating system for flexible workspaces.

Running a coworking business or flexible workspace involves plenty of additional tasks. It’s more than just the location or the bookings, it’s a full-time job where dedicated management matters. Zapfloor not only makes coworking management a lot more efficient, they also made it accessible on any screen. That’s the result of our efforts!

LUNAR &KOO CASE ZAPFLOOR I Mobile App, Web Application

Next-level coworking management

Scale-up Zapfloor wants to increase the community experience in coworking spaces. They therefore created an all-in-one platform for flexible workspace management. This platform includes:

  • The possibility to check the availability of rooms and spaces, and to book them right away.
  • Any extras that come with making a booking – such as cancellations or rescheduling – are easy to manage. 
  • A powerful tool to automate the entire process of orders, invoices and payments. 

It’s safe to say Zapfloor considerably simplifies a complex matter. On top of that, Zapfloor users were asking for another improvement: coworking management on any device. 

LUNAR &KOO CASE ZAPFLOOR I Mobile App, Web Application

MVP-based development

Nevertheless, we didn’t just build a full-blown app. We first wanted to know if our solution would be successful and deliver the required results. That’s why we opted for an MVP approach. The idea behind an MVP is pretty straightforward: a first version of a (digital) product with just enough features to satisfy your early audience. The major difference between an MVP and a full-blown product is the degree of implementation. An MVP is definitely not a final or large-scale solution. It allows companies to immediately measure the target audience’s interest and discover how their potential customers will use the solution.  We therefore started our search for the core functions of the existing Zapfloor platform. This showed us that Zapfloor is primarily about booking-related management. The MVP fully meets this need: it is perfectly possible to create a profile, modify it, consult meeting rooms and book them immediately. 

LUNAR &KOO CASE ZAPFLOOR I Mobile App, Web Application

A firm foundation for the future

The app was built on the open-source mobile application framework React Native. It is also far more than a test version. This solid (and bug-free) environment is a foundation on which we can easily build in the future. Various expansions will ensure that coworking management can be more efficient, faster and can be carried out at any given moment.

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