We do growth hacking. I know, for you it’s just another meaningless term. But I’ll explain. Growth hacking is a process in which we experiment in sprints to achieve your goals with a focus on data and technology.

Trial and error, but based on data

Day in day out, we try new tools, new trends, new channels,… really anything new where we notice opportunities for our clients. We truly believe that technology is on our side. Especially in these times where businesses need to evolve faster than ever before.

In 10-day sprints we define your North Star Metric (the ultimate goal) and work our way to it in an agile way, by experimenting with different approaches. We execute fast. Every sprint we analyze the data and translate it into actionable experiments to try in the next sprint. Over and over again, until we can scale one of our trials that proved to be (really) successful.

Our growth process looks like this:

  1. Growth ideation
  1. Ranking experiments
  1. Execute tests
  1. Analyze and iterate
  1. Scale succes

Why should you call/mail/whatsapp Sprints and Sneakers?

We know what metrics move the needle of growth. And we make your data actionable. We look at behavioral triggers to get actual conversions from your clients. No vanity metrics in our house.  Don’t invest a fortune in a single campaign and cross your fingers. Devote your money in experimentation, and scale what pushes your results.

Core expertise

Performance marketing / Growth Marketing / API integration / Marketing Automation / Lead Generation

Agency values

We know what metrics move the needle of growth.



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