We are strategy consultants who believe that every business decision needs to be driven by consumer understanding. We bring the consumer’s voice to your boardroom by connecting company decision makers with relevant consumer insights.

The Consumer’s Voice In Your Boardroom

We guide companies
from ​consumer understanding​ …
to​ future proof strategy​ …
to ​pragmatic execution​.

Over the course of the last 3 years I have been working on multiple projects with the True North team. They are my #1 strategic partner because of their ability to balance business understanding and delivering solutions with a hands-on, creative no-nonsense touch to it.

Sabine Vanderveken, Marketing Director Lunch Garden

With our help, executives can leverage consumer understanding to solve today’s business challenges.
We have helped companies

  • define their ​branding​ and positioning
  • go ​direct-to-consumer
  • increase ​loyalty​ and retention
  • find new revenue streams through ​corporate venturing
  • finetune their ​retail​ and ​omnichannel​ strategy

We gather consumer insights through our proprietary qualitative and quantitative methods: the Consumer Board​ and ​BCC​ research. The​ Consumer Board​ is our consumer engagement platform that connects company decision makers with real-time and continuous market feedback. Our ​BCC​ (business challenger compass) research is used to gauge consumer sentiment and validate business assumptions.

Core expertise

Strategy Consulting / Branding & Positioning / Consumer Research / Loyalty / Channel Strategy / Corporate Venturing / Retail Strategy

Agency values

We bring the consumer’s voice to your boardroom. We make your strategy work.


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