Enabling interactive imagination

A children’s classic toy for more than 50 years, PLAYMOBIL® stimulates children all over the world to make up stories, impersoning different characters and experiencing the world in miniature. At all times emphasizing the creative and educational value of their toys, PLAYMOBIL® wanted to bring children’s imagination to a digital world.

Interactive online audio book

Inspired by classical storytelling, we created an interactive online audio book, instead of a mere product website or video. The Playmobil Stories, read by an announcer from the national children’s broadcasting network Ketnet, are supplemented with emojis so that (grand-)parents and children can easily follow along. Each with an open ending, the stories positively contribute to the children’s learning process, as it inspires children to continue playing and come up with their own storyline.

Child-sized website

Children were a central touchstone to the website’s development, as extensive testing with young children provided the necessary feedback upon which the interface was then adapted. The lively stories, funny emojis and familiar Ketnet voices enraptured the children and kept them enchanted.

Imagination through a set-up platform

Next to the spoken Playmobil Stories, we set up a communication platform as a means for new stories to be built and interactions to be stimulated. Successfully creating a connection between a brand with limited digital DNA and children’s colorful imagination, we deployed a meaningful digital extension.


34,000 pages.
In the first month of the online audio book being published, we reached 7,900 users, more than 23 hours of stories have been listened to and 34,000 pages were viewed.

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